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Google Street View comes into Malaysian Businesses


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See story on The Star website: http://www.thestar.com.my/Tech/Tech-News/2014/03/22/Google-Business-View/

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Google Business View now available in Malaysia

The decade-old Google Street View technology has expanded from capturing outside street views to inside ones, and the new technology is now available in Malaysia.

One of Google’s Trusted Agencies – 360 Dynamics, have been capturing businesses in Malaysia since January 2014. The street view process takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes on site. The resulting “Google Virtual Tour” becomes a permanent part of Google Maps Street View, and participating businesses can also use the tour on their own website and social media channels.

Restaurants, boutiques, galleries, professional offices, eye care centers, automotive showrooms, kitchen and bath showrooms, hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, hospitals, as well as colleges and universities are all welcome to participate, officials said.

Businesses that are interested can visit www.360dynamics.my to sign up. There is a one-time publishing fee to participate in the program, depending upon the extent of the photo shoot and the size of the business.

Several local businesses that have already signed up and adopted Google’s virtual tour are Sole What?, Tony Roma’s, San Francisco Coffee, and many more.

First Major department store in London to adopt Google Business Photos

Source: Computerworld UK

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.29.37 PM

John Lewis has revealed that it has become the first major department store chain to adopt Google Street View.

The mapping of the London Oxford Street store is one of three trials the department store is running over the Christmas period to improve customer experience. Google recently added airports and train stations, including Gatwick Airport, Manchester and most of the London mainline stations, to its Street View database.

Simon Russell, director, retail operations development at John Lewis, said: “We intend to keep investing and innovating in our shops so that they remain compelling and hassle-free places for customers, offering multiple reasons to visit them. Partly this will see us use an increasing amount of technology to make shopping easier and offer more ‘in shop help.”

Visitors to the retailer’s seven-floor, flagship store will now be able to virtually walk the aisles and plan their trip using the virtual tour designed by Ideal Insight.

If the Google Map trial is successful, the virtual tour could be rolled out to other branches in the next two years.

See the Google Virtual Walkthrough here.

Google Business Photos now available in Malaysia!

We all know Google Street View. The ability to virtually explore streets all over the world. Recently, Street View was launched in Malaysia too, and several news articles of the Google Street View car driving around the city and other parts of the nation have been featured in newspapers.

Well now, Street View is coming indoors and into Malaysian establishments. If you are the owner of a retail shop, or food & beverage outlet, beauty salon, spa, or just about any kind of place that is used to conduct your business, you can sign up for Google Business Photos to boost your business activities.

Google Business Photos includes a Google Virtual Tour tailored to your establishment, and is published on Google Maps, Search, Street View, Google+, among others. Your customers are able to view the interior of your business with just a click of the mouse, or a tap of the finger, while doing a search on Google. If you wish, you can embed the Virtual Walkthrough on your own website too! Also included are 10-15 professionally taken still photos of your business, which will highlight your store, your products and decor.

We are proud to bring Google Business Photos to Malaysia.

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